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Sikandra Kurdi

Paris School of Economics

Sikandra graduated from University of California PhD program in Agriculture and Resource Economics in May 2015. Her dissertation was based around the evaluation of a social safety net workfare program in Yemen, where she has an ongoing research relationship with the Yemen Social Fund for development. Her job market paper explains an surprising negative effect of an income shock on local prices in villages in Yemen as a consequence of the traditional system of informal credit offered by shopkeepers.Her research interests include child malnutrition, intrahousehold allocation, and general equilibrium effects of conditional cash transfers.

During her fellowship she worked with Karen Macours on a project regarding network effects on behaviour change in a CCT programme in Nicaragua and also continued to work on her research on the Social Development Fund in Yemen, including a paper on project choice in work-fare programmes, as well as a paper on quasi-credit in Yemen. Click on the research summary link below for more information on Sikandra's research and papers.

PODER appointment: June 2015 - March 2016.