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Jongwook Lee

Paris School of Economics

Jongwook Lee is a Ph.D. student in Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota, specializing in Development Economics. His research interests include childhood education, health, and human capital development. He holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Seoul National University in Korea and bachelors’ degrees in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Maryland. After he graduated from the University of Chicago with a M.S. in Statistics, he worked at the Economic Research Center at the University of Chicago for Professor James Heckman, a Nobel laureate in Economics in 2000. At the University of Minnesota, Jongwook has participated in various projects as a research assistant, and he has teaching experience for a Stata course and Ph.D. level econometrics courses. Jongwook leads a randomized control trial research project to evaluate the impact of eyeglasses provision for elementary school students in Malawi. He also participated in development projects in Gumulira, Malawi, a Millennium Village Project site. He co-authored a research paper about the impact of vision screening and free eyeglasses on education in Florida.

PODER appointment: Sept 2014 - Jun 2015. As part of his PODER project he has worked on the following papers: 'The Effect of Eyeglasses Provision on Childhood Education in Malawi' and 'The Effect of Early Childhood Malnutrition on Human Capital Development in Ethiopia'.