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Jessica Rudder

Paris School of Economics

Jess Rudder started in January 2017 as a research fellow at the Paris School of Economics working on topics related to industrial organization of the NGO sector. She is a PhD student in Agricultural Resource Economics at the University of California, Davis specializing in Development, Industrial Organization, and Econometrics. Prior to starting her doctoral studies, Jess completed a Master's degree from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington in Seattle where she worked as a research consultant for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. During summers from 2014-2016, she led academic fieldwork in Tanzania related to search costs and intra-annual price variation in maize markets. Her interest in market structure and economic development started while living in rural Panama from 2010-2013 as a Peace Corps Volunteer collaborating with women's savings groups and famers associations.

During her fellowship she has worked on the following papers 'Do NGO programs' Induce a Labor Supply Response? Evidence of Farm Labor Substitution among Aid Recipient Communities in Tanzania' and 'Sub-National Concentration of International Aid and NGO Activities'. 

PODER Appointment: January - August 2017