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Andrea Guariso - Research Summary

Stockholm University

Armed conflict and schooling in Rwanda: Digging deeper

In this project we study how armed violence affected educational outcomes in Rwanda during the nineties, relying on two waves of population census data and on a difference-in-differences identification strategy. Results indicate that the violence caused a drop of about one year of education for the individuals exposed to the violence at schooling age. The drop was higher for girls than for boys. While increased dropouts and school delays explain the drop in primary schooling, secondary schooling was mainly affected by a drop in enrolments. Finally, in a within-country analysis, we find no robust link between subnational variations in the drop in schooling and the intensity of the 1994 genocide – the most intense conflict event that took place in the country over the studied period. We present possible explanations for the observed patterns and provide related policy implications. This paper is authored by Andrea Guariso and Marijke Verpoorten.

Download the paper here.