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Anand Shrivastava

University of Namur

Anand Shrivastava's undergraduate qualification is in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and he has worked as a Manufacturing Manager for Unilever in India. In 2010, he decided to change his career path and study economics as he realised he had an aptitude for research and was interested in issues relevant to the social and economic problems facing India. Anand completed a Graduate Diploma in Economics and an MPhil in Economic Research at the University of Cambridge and he is now in the third year of his PhD at Cambridge. His research interests lie in the fields of Political Economics, Development Economics and Applied Microeconomics, more specifically in looking at the social, political and economic causes and effects of conflict in developing countries, the political economy of control and use of natural resources in developing countries and issues of identity in the context of politics and conflict.

PODER appointment: Oct 2014 - Jun 2015

Click on the research summary link below for more information on Anand's research and to download his paper. In addition to this paper, in a project with Guilhem Cassan, Anand used data on dowry from different surveys in India and looking at the long-term trends and the correlation between dowry and sex-ratio. In another project with Renate Hartwig, Jean-Marie Baland and Catherine Guirkinger, Anand was looking at the strategic choice of position by participant in rotating savings and credit associations or ROSCAs.

Project Abstracts by this Fellow